10 Tips For Successful Digital Marketing in 2017

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2017 is sure to be a very interesting year for reaching and converting prospective customers. Here is a really great article from Promise Phelon, a contributor at Forbes that lists 10 tips for building a successful digital marketing campaign in the coming year and beyond. Read the full article here.  

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Very Good SEO & SEM Resource Site

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One of our favorite sites for tips and info on SEO and SEM –

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Paolo Solari Exhibition at SMOCA

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In September, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts will be featuring a retrospective on designer and architect Paolo Solari – a not-to-miss exhibition for contemporary art and architecture fans. Featuring sketches, renderings, photographs, models and sculptures of this local and world-renowned thinker and planner that provide insight and explore humanism and sustainability. Find out more […]

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Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.

- Milan Kundera

Design Trends

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We like Pinterest because of it’s interactive, visual nature of share. This is a pretty cool board highlighting trends in design – from logos, to illustrations, print to digital. Check it out.

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Wildfire by Mandolin Orange

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Came across this as a Spotify recommendation and liked it – kind of hipster-y but not enough that it stimulated breaking out the mustache wax and skull cap. See what you think.

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Email Works

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What Physics Taught Me About Marketing

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Dan Cobley, marketing director at Google, gave a really interesting TED talk correlating the principles of physics to the dynamics of brand.

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Less is sometimes more…

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From the poem by William Browning, “The Faultless Painter”, and more famously from the modernist architect Mies van der Rohe in describing his approach to architecture and design, where form is distilled down to its necessary elements, without supurflous ornamentation and unnecessary structure – creating designs the are elegantly simple yet extremely functional. How might […]

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